Thursday, February 19, 2009

J.Crew: Liza Patterned Peep Toe Review

Shortly before Valentine's Day, I somehow found myself on eBay, and I stumbled upon these Liza Patterned Peep Toes for sale. They were in a size 5.5, and I'm a size 6, so I debated bidding or not, but my feet are on the small side of 6, so I decided to take the plunge and try to get them. The Boyfriend heard me drooling over these shoes, and even offered to buy them for me!

As for the shoes, they are great! They fit wonderfully - not too tight as I thought they might, and they look so cute! I'm not usually a fan of orange, nor of orange and pink together, but I just love the orange and white polka dots, and I think the pink goes well with the pattern in this case.

I can't wait until the weather gets a little nicer and I don't have to worry about mud, and I will be wearing these every chance I get. I can picture wearing these with all kinds of outfits - jeans for a night out, work pants, work skirts, work dresses, day dresses...