Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gap: Eyelet Cami Review

**So I'm making another change to the reviews, at least for now. I'll be including less or no pictures from the store websites with the reviews. I'll only be including them if I think that the website pictures are misleading or really pretty.**

This is Gap's Eyelet Cami (style #587410), which originally retailed for $54.50, and is on sale online for $48.99 now. [HERE IS A GOOD TIP: If you see something on sale on Gap's website, always always always check out your local Gap, if you can. See this tank? $48.99 online, and I saw it for $17.99 in-store just a couple weekends ago.] Anyway, this tank is alpha-sized, and is available in petite and tall online. It comes in this blue color, white, and a bright yellow.

The sizing on this tank is weird. (Also, if you're looking for it on the website, it's not under "Camis", which is weird, because it's called a cami. It's under "Tops".) I tried this on in a size extra small, because that is what I have been wearing in Gap's tops lately. Everything on this top fit except for the top-most band around the top of the bust. It was pretty tight. I tried this on in a small during another trip, and it was less tight, but still not very comfortable. In the end, I would have gotten this in a medium - I tried that on when it was on sale, and that was the most comfortable fit. The fit of the rest of the top didn't change too much from size to size, so that is a plus.

The fabric is a nice, medium weight cotton. It's actually a bit on the heavier side (for a tank), because there is a lot of embroidery detail, and there are a couple of layers to this tank. That being said, the fabric is a nice, soft cotton. It doesn't move terribly well, but I think part of that is due to the eyelet detailing on the tank.

The silhouette is iffy for me. I think it looks nice from the front, but adds too much volume from the side. It's also pretty long. It hit me on my low hip, but that might be a good length for some of you taller ladies out there.

I thought the allover detailing was nice. There is trim at the bust, along with a little bit of pleating, and then there is an embroidered pattern on the bottom hem that goes about 1/3 up the tank. I like the details, but I can see how they might be too doily-like or old-fashioned for others. I think the white especially would work well as a layering piece or on its own, and would work with a lot of different outfits. If you styled it correctly, you could easily dress this tank up or down.

I left this tank at the store. I was really tempted to pick up the blue and the white when it was $17.99, but in the end, I just wasn't totally in love with it - but I was pretty close to it. I kept getting hung up on the boxy-ish cut coupled with the length, which made the top look a little overwhelming in person.

What do you think? Do you like this top? Do you own it or have you tried it on? What would you pair it with?


Anonymous June 23, 2009 at 2:09 PM  

It's not worth the price.

HeidiG June 23, 2009 at 8:18 PM  

I like the eyelet and I like the color. I don't love the lines of the top - I find that tops like these just don't work on my body. thanks for sharing!!

Julia June 23, 2009 at 10:23 PM  

I love the eyelet details, but it's just so poofy! It's beyond boxy. You don't need to be hiding under tents! I'm glad you passed, even at $17. :)

gigiofca June 24, 2009 at 2:18 AM  

I thought it was a dress at first. Pass.