Monday, March 16, 2009

Gap: Striped Shirred Skirt Review

Gap's spring previous spring arrivals included a beautiful skirt called the Striped Shirred Skirt (item #585627). It comes in three colors: pink, grey, and blue stripe, and both the pink and grey stripe come in tall and petite sizes. It originally retailed for $54, but is currently marked down - $39.99 for pink and grey, and $29.99 for blue!

Gap describes the skirt as such:

Spring days couldn't feel any closer when decked in this breezy skirt. Bold stripes are offset by a chic banded waist. Tuck in your favorite top for an irresistibly stylish look.
I initially only ordered this skirt in the pink and blue stripes, after being unable to decide which one I liked better. In reality, I liked all three colors, but at first I just ordered the pink and blue using a hefty discount. After they arrived, I ordered the grey one in petite. I'm only showing you one during this review, because they are all the same thing, although the grey one is of course shorter. [Also, please note that I have the skirt on slightly crooked, so the zipper pull is not exactly where it should be. That's my dressing incompetence, not a defect in the skirt!]

So this skirt is as pretty in real life as it looks online. The skirt is very light and airy, even with the lining underneath. The lining is not sewn right into the skirt, but acts as a sort of slip underneath, and moves very easily with the rest of the skirt. The fabric is a cotton/silk blend, and it is extremely smooth.

The waistband is very wide, which is good for both tucking in shirts (as I've done in the pictures), and wearing shirts untucked. Because I didn't get the blue in petite, the skirt is a little long, but still a nice length. As usual, it hits just lower on my knees, not above, as described. The skirt has a nice A-line shape, but doesn't flare out too much. It is pretty forgiving on hips and thighs, but not too flared that it makes you look bigger than you are.

One way to get around the length issue without ordering a petite (or even if that is too long) or hemming it, is to order a size or two down. This way, you can wear the skirt up higher on your waist, which will naturally make the skirt appear shorter. The only thing to watch out for with this is how you style yourself on top - if you tuck in your shirt, it will be very obvious that you're wearing your skirt high up on your waist. (But maybe you are okay with that.)

The skirt fits fairly true to size, and if you are ordering in petites, I believe they usually advise you to order up a size, but I don't think that's really necessary. I ordered the grey in petite in the same size as the blue and pink, and it fits just fine.

Overall, this is a really great spring and summer skirt, and I think the color selection is perfect - each color can be paired with so many other colors to create interesting outfits. You could even pair these skirts with some cute tights for the winter. Either way, I'm waiting for spring to really settle in so I can wear these around.

So what do you think? Do you like this skirt? Do you already own it, or did you pick it up during Gap's Give & Get weekend?

Additional colors and details are below.


GingerSnap March 16, 2009 at 1:59 PM  

The skirt looks really cute on you. I am glad to hear that it fits shorter in the petite sizes. I have tried it on in store and was initially discouraged by the fit (long and loose!) but after reading your blog I might considering ordering it in the petite version. Thanks for the IRL view :)

JTS March 16, 2009 at 3:26 PM  

Thanks GingerSnap! You should definitely check out the petite version, it's such a pretty skirt :)

KatyO. March 16, 2009 at 6:34 PM  

The Gap picture defintely does not do justice to this skirt. It looks great on you. :) And it's so shiny!