Monday, March 23, 2009

J.Crew: New Arrival - Pleated Front Skirt

This is a pleated skirt from J.Crew (item #14531), which I could not find online. It was marked $70. They also had this skirt in white or grey (cannot remember exatly) - maybe both. I really, really wanted to like this skirt. It looked very nice on the mannequin, where it was paired with a white tank top and a cardigan.

The skirt fits true to size, and the fabric is really nice and light. The waistband is wide, and contains a panel of thin pleats on both the front and the back.

Below the pleats, the skirt has even more pleats, which make the skirt fuller and gives it some movement. I wasn't crazy about the "panel" of pleats on the waistband. I think I could have gotten behind them if the pleats were either all around or only on the skirt. As it is, I feel like th is skirt has a bit of an identity crisis - it wants to be a pleated skirt AND a nice, airy A-line skirt at the same time.

The skirt was also a bit too long on me. I made the mistake of buying some J.Crew summer skirts that were this length last summer, and I hardly ever wear them.

I do love the pink color though - I think it is very summery and feminine, and could be paired with so many other great colors.

I was disappointed that I didn't love this skirt on, but I think it would look great on pretty much anyone. It doesn't create a lot of volume on any trouble areas, and the pleating is a nice touch - it just wasn't for me.

Here is a picture of the pleating at the waistband and top of the skirt up close.

What do you think of this skirt? Do you like it? Would you get it in another color?