Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gap: Twisted Puff-Sleeve Shirt Review

Gap's Twisted Puff-Sleeve Shirt (#585802) is an online exclusive, and is part of their spring collection. (It is actually currently marked way down, and you can use the 25% off code I posted yesterday on it.) It is a sweet-looking shirt, good for work and just going out, in my opinion. I love the sleeve detail, but initially wasn't willing to pay full price for the shirt, especially because it looks a little sheer in the photo. However, then it was marked down AND I had a coupon (my favorite way to shop), so I took the plunge and actually bought it in both colors (pale lilac and ritzy pink).

Gap describes the shirt as such:
A touch of glamour goes a long way with this flirty top. The pretty puffed sleeves add an elegant twist to jeans and looks chic with a pencil skirt.
The shirt is very accurately represented online. I absolutely love the twisted puff sleeve detail. I think it is very feminine, and a nice change from a regular or cuffed sleeve. Below is an IRL picture of just the sleeve.

The pink color is very pretty as well - a nice bright burst of color, and I am all about wearing this to work and out for a date night with the Boyfriend or something.

There are a couple of issues that I have with this shirt though. First off, as you can see from Gap's picture, the shirt is somewhat sheer. You can see the model's jeans through the shirt, and this is true to life, unfortunately. The good news is that it is not so completely sheer that you couldn't get away with a nude bra or something like that. I, however, was wearing this to work, and it was really just too sheer for me for work, so I wore a white cami underneath. The issue with that, as you can probably see from the picture below, is that the cami is shorter than the shirt, and is pretty noticeable because of the sheerness.

My second issue with the shirt is that it is very loose fitting. As you can see from the above pictures, the shirt is rather blousy. I think it would be a little better if it were a bit more fitted. In the picture below, I am gathering the shirt in the back to give it a slightly more fitted silhouette, and I really think this looks a lot better (in my opinion).

Tucking it in helped a little bit, but my pants didn't have belt loops, so the shirt kept coming back out. (I actually changed my shirt after tucking my shirt back in for the 10th time before I left the house!)

In case you wanted an idea of how I paired this (because the pants aren't very clear in the pictures above), here is another picture below. The pink lines on the pants really matched well with the color of the shirt.

Overall, I think this is a very nice and versatile shirt, and I think is definitely worth the money, especially if you can take advantage of the sales and promotions. I would try to get the smallest size as possible that your arms can fit in, because this seems like it will be fairly flowy for any size. What do you think? Do you like the sleeve detail? Will you check out this shirt?

Additional color and product details below.