Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Worthy Substitute: Rocket Dog for J.Crew

I've decided to add another type of post to this blog, called A Worthy Substitute (tagged as worthy substitutes), where I find items that I feel are good substitutes for other, more expensive items. This won't be restricted to items from the main stores covered on this blog, but shopping and items in general.

Today's worthy substitute is for J.Crew's Lulu Metallic flats, which I have just taken notice of thanks to the ladies over at JCA, and my new obsession, eBay. A picture of them is above. Not willing to dish out the money for these flats, coupled with the fact that they are pretty much unavailable in my size, I decided to try to find a metallic, glitter-y flat that might make me almost as happy.

I searched, which is probably my favorite shoe site, and stumbled upon these flats, by Rocket Dog. They are the Memories Crackle Metallic Flat, and are currently priced at a very reasonable $39.95. Hooray! The only downfall was that they didn't have my size, and in fact, they only have sizes 6.5 and 7 right now, but I'll keep checking back.

I know they don't have the feminine fabric bow, but I think the style and color of the shoe come pretty close. What do you think? Do you think Rocket Dog's flats are a worthy substitute for J.Crew Lulu's? Do you want to see more worthy substitute posts?