Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nice and simple: Jeans and basic colors

I kept my outfit nice and simple for my visit to my cousin's house.  My little cousin was good, so we would have gone to Red Robin, if I'd gotten there on time.  I didn't realize/forgot that little kids eat on more of a schedule than adults, so didn't think anything of eating lunch around 1 PM.  No matter though, because we rescheduled for dinner next Thursday, which also means BF will be able to join us!

It's always nice to see my cousin, his wife, and his son - we always have a good time.  I finally finished the movie Cars, which is my little cousin's favorite movie.  We watch it every time I'm there, but I'm yet to watch the whole thing end to end.  The last time I was there, we stopped about an hour from the end, and today, I finally got to see the end!  :)

As for what I wore, I just picked basics.  I wanted a loose tee, and went with a sweater because I didn't feel like digging around for a hoodie.  I didn't take a picture of them, but my socks are grey with light pink and light teal stripes, and I wore my favorite pair of jeans.

Jeans: Express
Tee: Ralph Lauren (might be Polo)
Sweater: Gap
Socks: American Eagle
Shoes: Etienne Aigner