Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday, Monday, and Hairdo

Hello!  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday - halfway through the week!  I have a short update on some recent outfits, and I'm happy to report I've been doing pretty well on my Wear New Things challenge.  On Saturday I wore my Crewcuts striped cardigan to the grocery store (but took it off when I got home and had to prep food for the week).  I found that I'm able to take some tops in a size 14, so I've been giving them a try.  They're less pricey (especially for the mom-and-me matching items), and free shipping!

On Sunday, I went to an open market up in Boston.  My friend had a booth there, so I stopped by to see her.  After that, BF and I went to my friend's house for a little BBQ.  I had thought there were going to be a lot of people there, but it actually ended up being only a small gathering, which I really liked.  I wore my Frankie Dizzy dress.  At first I wasn't sure I liked this dress, but after spending a whole day in it, it's definitely grown on me!  The only bad part was that I spilled juice from my chicken shawarma wrap all over myself. :(

Dress: J.Crew
Flip flops: Old Navy

On Monday I just spent the day in the office.  I grabbed the Elizabeth halter out of the closet, and steamed it so the collar looked nice and ruffle-y.  I got this top off of eBay or from the JCA exchange (can't remember), and I have to say that I'm not sold on it at all.  Which is bad news, as I own it in 3 other colors!  I had this top altered to fit me, as it was too big, but I think it fits weird.  

The button "loops" are just giant fabric loops, so don't actually hold the big buttons in tightly, which means that the top is prone to gaping up the front, giving everyone a peek at what's underneath.  I found I either had to pull the top forward a bit (to give the fabric more slack), slouch, or just not move my arms backwards at all.  So definitely a thumbs down in that regard.

Secondly, this blazer was not my first choice what to wear.  I like this blazer enough, but as I've mentioned before, it attracts stuff to it like no tomorrow - always picking up lint and whatever else it can find.  It's pretty frustrating.  Plus I'm just not in love with the way it wears.  It's a little stiff, and I have to roll the sleeves up INSIDE the sleeve so that it's actually wearable.  I wanted to wear a sweater with it, but a regular cardigan didn't look right, and the V-neck cardigan was too long, so the proportions were off.  So, I just went with the blazer.

Pants: The Limited
Top: J.Crew
Blazer: Old Navy
Shoes: Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret

Lastly, I've figured out what to do with my hair in the meantime.  I'll probably get it cut soon, but I've finally mastered a super high messy bun that keeps it from being too unruly.

Hope you're all having a great day!  I'll be back with an eBay story later this afternoon!


ashley June 10, 2010 at 1:54 PM  

ooh that dress is cute! i just bought it during the sale yesterday. i hope it fits! and i love your messy hair bun. mine just looks like a mess! you'll have to teach me one day! :)

JTS June 11, 2010 at 2:29 PM  

Ahh, I'm jealous you got it on sale!! I usually check the dresses in the sale section, but didn't this time, of course, haha. :)
I can try to teach you...I think this was mostly a fluke! But we should definitely get together again soon!