Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Programming Delay and FOR SALE!

Hello all!  Happy Tuesday...only one more day until we're halfway through the week, hooray!  I am really looking forward to the latter half of this week!  I am totally excited to share my outfit of the day with you...I love it, and have to say it's one of my favorites from recently.  The only problem is I left my card reader at home today, so while I have the picture, I can't get it onto my computer.  So this picture of my doggie will just have to do for now.

And speaking of dogs, and dachshunds in particular, please keep Kim's doggie Simon (from Anthroholic) in your thoughts!

I mentioned before that I'm trying to sell some of my clothes, and haven't had much luck yet.  I posted a couple times on the the JCA blog, and I've listed a few items on eBay, so I thought I'd try on my blog again! Here's the details:
  • Shipping is $1 per item, unless otherwise noted.  Some items are heavy so will require more shipping; contact me for details.
  • PayPal only.  No returns unless item is not as described.
  • I'm open to best offers.
  • I'm really trying to get rid of these clothes, so please make me an offer if you're interested in something!  
  • I treat all of my clothes very nicely, and most of these clothes are worn once or twice, and some are NWOT and NWT. 
Thanks :)