Friday, June 11, 2010

Pink scarf and pinker shoes for Friday

Good afternoon!  I am so glad it's Friday - I couldn't wait for this week to be over. BF and I are currently trying to figure if we want to go out tonight, and tomorrow morning I have am going to a meetup (does anyone else use meetup?).  We don't have plans on Sunday, so I'll probably just end up running errands and cleaning up around the house.

Today I'm just in the office, and I've kind of given up wearing dress clothes to work on Fridays.  When I was in a different department, I totally took advantage of casual Fridays, and wore jeans and even hoodies to work.  Then for awhile, I stopped, and only wore business casual clothes to work every day, 5 days a week.  I could go an entire day without seeing anyone at work, and certainly without seeing anyone I work with, so I decided to chill out a little and go a little more casual on Fridays now.

The scarf is the new piece for the day.  More about that later.  I went with a basic black knit turtleneck and my darker jeans (plus my favorite jeans are ripped at the bottom, so I wouldn't wear those to work anyway!).  I decided to wear a pair of pink patterned peep-toes to complement the pink in the scarf.

Jeans: Express
Sweater: Gap (Outlet)
Shoes: J.Crew
Scarf: Margo Petitti

Here's a close up of my shoes.  They are the Liza peep-toes (I think) in the cherry blossom print.  I scored these off eBay for a very good price.  I've worn them a couple times before, and they've finally stretched out enough (they're a half size too small)!  Plus, I'll be sitting for most of the day. :)

So the scarf I'm wearing today is a Margo Petitti scarf.  I've known Margo for a long time now (in fact, she may be my oldest (longest-known) friend!), and I'm excited to finally own one of her scarves!  I just got my first one this past week - the current collection doesn't include any pinks or purples, but she had this pink from a past collection, so I bought it.  (I also have my eye on the Celeste scarf that's part of the latest collection!).  She has a lot of great patterns available that I think work with a lot of color palettes. 

Margo designs all of the scarves herself in really pretty patterns and colors.  The fabrics are really lovely, too - mine is a bamboo and silk/wool blend, which is good for me, because all-wool scarves really irritate my skin.  I love the almost menswear vibe, and you can see that my scarf actually has a windowpane pattern in it, with light green-brown lines.  The scarf is also reversible, so I can decide if I want to feature the cream or pink more.

I love this scarf, not just because my friend made it, but because it's a lot more polished than a lot of scarves I own.  I own one from the Gap that BF calls my "Serena scarf" after Serena on Gossip Girl, and it's been my go-to scarf.  It's nice, but it's all fringey at the end, and wrinkly to boot.  I know scarves can be casual, but it's nice to have a nicer scarf to wear to work or for dressier occasions.

This scarf was definitely an "investment" piece, but BF was kind enough to make it my graduation gift.  So thanks, BF!  (And Margo!) :)

[And for complete disclosure, Margo doesn't even know I'm posting about her scarves, or that I have a blog even.]

Hope you have a great rest of the Friday and weekend!