Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gap: Airy Pleated Print Blouse Review

This is Gap's Airy Pleated Print Blouse (style #587216), which originally retailed for $49.50, and is now on sale (prices may vary).  This top is alpha-sized, and is available in petite and tall sizes.  It is available in both a red and navy print.  The top is also available in solid colors.  Gap describes the top as such:

Breezy cotton with an intricately pleated neckline and romantic puff sleeves--perfect under a blazer for a chic office look, or dressed down with your favorite slouchy pants.
I tried this on in an XS, and in the navy and red prints (red print is another post).  I had really high hopes for this top, as it looked so cute on the hanger.  However, I didn't really like it on me.  The top fit fine; I would say it fits true-to-size.

My problem with the top was the cut and the ties at the neck.  First, the top is pretty shapeless.  It really just hangs on you, and gives you pretty much no definition at all.  I think this shirt might have benefited a lot from a couple of darts around the bust area.  I realize that the style is loose and flowy, but I think you can do loose and flowy without necessarily being unflattering.

I also don't get the ties at the neck.  They are so long that I don't know if tying them would make that much sense - you'd either have to make the loops really long, or leave the ties hanging really long, and I'm not sure how good either one of those options would look.

This top has tightly pleated sleeves that are elasticized and slightly puffy.  I think it is a cute detail, and they add a nice twist an otherwise boring top.  As for the pattern, I think it's cute, but I can't help but be reminded of olives when I look at it.

Here are Gap's official product details.

I left this top behind, because I didin't really like the shapeless silhouette.  I would have also probably ended up cutting off the ties, and I definitely would have tried to find a way to create a waist (tailoring or pairing with a belt), and that just seems like too much work for a RTW top.

What do you think?  Do you like this top?  What do you think of shapeless silhouettes?  What do you think of the ties?