Wednesday, May 6, 2009

J.Crew: Silk Tie-Neck Tank Review

This is J.Crew's Silk Tie-Neck Tank (item #13307), which retailed for $78, and is currently on sale for $49.99.  It is numerically sized, and is available in the colors breeze, nantucket fog, and white sand.  The breeze and white sand colors have monochrome ties, but the nantucket fog has a contrasting collar and tie.  J.Crew describes the tank as such:
One of our favorite pieces for spring—lovely alone or under a cardigan. Silk habotai with a standing collar with a flowy self-tie at the neck and a ruched detail at the back—all the accessories you need. Nantucket fog has a contrast collar and tie. Classic fit at bust, with loose bodice. Straight hem. Hits at hip. Import. Dry clean.
I saw this in-store, and tried it on in te Nantucket fog color, and in a size 0.  The first thing to note is that this tank doesn't have a side zip, so I would recommend trying this on in person, because some tops can be really difficult to get on without a side zip, and the silk on this tank is extremely thin and delicate. 

I think this tank fits true-to-size, and I think the fit is very flattering.  It has side darts at the bust, which create a nice silhouette, and saves the tank from being too billowy.  I think it hits at a nice spot on the body, and agree that it would pair well with a cardigan.

From the side, it creates a nice, straight line down the front.  I think this is a nice, fairly flattering silhouette.  I think it is nice and simple, and pretty classic.  It has a straight hem, and doesn't bunch too much in the back, which is always nice.

So, regarding the bow tie itself.  I like the idea of the bow, and I think it works nicely with the rest of the tank (although to be honest, I prefer the monochrome ties over the contrasting one).

My issue is with the collar itself.  It seems like another sort-of twisted'neck detail, which I'm not a fan of, and then I don't like the cut.  It's cut way too narrow to wear a regular bra with it, and it's even too narrow for some racerback bras (I was lucky enough to be wearing a regular strapped bra that can convert from "regular" straps to a racerback), as you can see below.  I would be wary about wearing a strapless bra with this top too, as the silk is pretty thin, and I don't know how forgiving the tank would be with a strapless bra that doesn't fit like a glove (none of mine do).

So I was into the front, the side, and the tie detail.  But the back - oh my!  I try really hard not to use the word "hate" on this blog (mostly out of respect for people who are offended by that word, because I just use it to mean "really really dislike"), but I hate the back of this top.  I think the diagonal cut is pretty cute and standard, but that...thing, I hate it.

Here is a close-up of it.  Have you ever ironed a delicate fabric on a heat setting that was way too high?  Have you ever seen what happens?  Well, if you haven't, here's a good preview.  I don't even undertand the point of this.  I think it looks so cheap and ugly (and I'm really sorry to any of you that I might have just offended by saying that).

Moving on, here is a close-up of the bow.  I like that it is big enough to be an interesting detail, but not so big that it overwhelms the rest of the shirt.

I left this tank behind solely because of the that stuff on the back (that is how much I dislike it!).  I would have considered picking this tank up, and in multiple colors, if it weren't for that unfortunate detail.  I am in love with the breeze color this season, but I think the white sand color is also a really pretty neutral.

What do you think?  Do you like this tank?  Do you own it?  And does anyone else have any feelings about that stuff in the back?


Cate May 6, 2009 at 3:54 PM  

this looks so cute on you! But if you're not totally comfortable in it, it was smart to leave it behind.

1MadScientist May 7, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

i actually did buy this top in the light orange color that was only available in store. i'm nervous to wear it with a cardigan because of hiding the bow. it looked really nice on you. the one with contrasting colors would have washed me out. i bought this in march with my PS but have yet to wear it...yikes!!

JTS May 14, 2009 at 10:05 PM  

Cate - thanks so much! I liked the front, but the back just killed it for me!

1MadScientist - Oooh, the light orange color is very pretty! I was also thinking about how the bow would look with something over. Let me know how you like it!