Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Express: Buy One Get One 50% Off

Express is promoting its Summer Hot List by offering buy one get one 50% off on its women's favorite V-neck tee, which is available in several colors.  I've had pretty good luck with Express's tees - the quality is usually pretty good, and they offer a ton of different types!

Express is also offering buy one get one 50% off on pique polos for men.  I love Express's polos for men (so by extension, so does The Boyfriend), but I can't stand when they put their enormous lion logo all over them.  To be honest, we (I) usually pick up his polos at Old Navy or J.Crew outlet - I don't notice a huge difference in quality, and those are much cheaper (and don't have big lions on them).

What do you think?  Will you check out these promotions?  Where do you shop for tees and polos?