Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wishlist: Kate Spade Preston Hollow Flower Pot Handbag

I love Kate Spade.  She runs a close second to my most favorite handbag company, Coach.  I'm super lucky to live near outlets for both Kate Spade and Coach (and super lucky to have access to [genuine] Coach wallets for $10!).  I Heart Luxe sent this adorable Preston Hollow Flower Pot Handbag around as one of their picks of the day, and I was instantly in love.

I love the whimsical floral cut-out pattern, and I really love the bright color.  I also like the longer drop on the handles.  My current KS is really not long enough to go over the shoulder, so I have to carry it draped on my arm, or hold it like a briefcase (which I don't like doing).

So, I have added this bag to my wishlist.  I should probably say my dreamlist, as it's a staggering $495!  It was difficult enough to (let The Boyfriend) buy the Kate Spades I have now, and that was at the outlet, with a great percentage off!

What do you think of this bag?  Do you like it?  Is it too precocious for you?  What is your favorite brand for bags?


GingerSnap April 22, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

I love a good yellow handbag, they seem to go with everything. I am sort of in a handbag rut right now...not sure what my next "love" will be...