Monday, April 13, 2009

Styling: Dark Peony Francie Skirt

Pink & Gold

Awhile back, while waiting for my dark peony Francie skirt to arrive, I put together this Polyvore set for how I might style it. I was waiting until I wore an outfit close to this until I posted, but I don't have these shoes, clutch, or earrings, so I thought I'd post now to see what you think.

I like the monochromatic "shell" of the outfit - the dark pink skirt with the light pink cami and sweater. I think the dark, polka-dot shoes are a nice, classy look, and the yellow accessories add some nice color! Is it just me, or am I catching some fuchsia red and super yellow influences in this set?

Do you like this styling? What would you style differently? Please share!