Wednesday, April 29, 2009

J.Crew: Solid Silk Garland Cami Review

This is J.Crew's Solid Silk Garland Cami (item #11527).  It also comes in petite (item #13345).  Both retail for $88, and are numerically sized.  It comes a pretty big variety of colors, too: light pewter, breeze, classic navy, key lime, white sand, ivory, grey, sweet lavender, and amber.  J.Crew describes the cami as such:
Silk habotai with a garland of delicate self-flowers that goes all the way around the neckline. We added a hidden button placket at the front for a sleek, seamless design. Self-ruffle collar. Import. Dry clean.
I have always liked this tank, but the price was always a bit too steep for me.  Luckily I managed to snag all of mine on some type of sale or promotion!  My PS gave this to me to try on in-store, and even though I already had it in the breeze color, I decided this might be a good chance to get some pictures for the blog, plus see how it worked iwith the Watercolor Floral Pencil skirt.

I initially tried this on in a size 4, as that is my regular top size, but it was too big.  I tried on other sizes during our Boston JCA outing, and I actually had to size down two sizes to get this to look sleek, and not really blousey.  Please note that the pictures below are a size 4 though.

The silk is a super smooth and delicate material.  I actually found snags on pretty much everyone I tried on.  I'm not sure if that's a fault of the execution, or just the nature of the material itself.  The ivory color was also pretty sheer.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to try this on in any other colors, so I'm reserving judgment on the sheerness of the tanks in general (for now).

I personally think the tank looks really sloppy untucked.  That might be because it was too big, but I just didn't really the like the way it just sort of hangs.  There are no darts or anything to create any type of waist or shape.  Interestingly, I think it looks a little more pulled together when the bottom button is undone.

I think the tank looks much better tucked in.  It still blouses nicely, but I think it just looks a little more polished.

I really like it with this skirt.  I think the small floral detail on the collar of the cami works well with the more prominent floral pattern of the skirt.

I ended up getting this cami, in a size P2, at our Boston JCA event.  It hasn't arrived yet, so hopefully I will remember to post an update when it gets here!

So what do you think?  Do you like this cami?  Which colors do you like it in?  Do you like it tucked in or untucked?  And how do you like it with this skirt?


Anonymous April 29, 2009 at 8:42 AM  

Thanks for the post. I want this tank but the price is a bit steep for me too and I have no clue (anymore) what size to order. I live overseas so I need to be sure as I really cannot return. I am a 36B and I usually wear a 6 or an 8. I have 8's in last years piper tanks and seaglass tank and they fit great but this one is a different style. I am tall as I guess I am going to pass b/c JCrew's sizing seems to be all screwed up!

GingerSnap April 29, 2009 at 9:12 AM  

I ordered this cami awhile back in PETITE of course (cause it runs huge!) and I got it in the gladiola print. It is not sheer at all in that color. I would love to get another solid print, but I'm holding out for a really good price :)

dinagideon April 29, 2009 at 9:39 AM  

I am 5'8" and have a short I bought a P8 in the gladiola-print and it fits well. I normally wear a 6-8 regular, and figured with it running large, a P8 would be perfect...and it was...

Looks nice on you, but I know the P2 will look great!

jjc April 29, 2009 at 10:23 AM  

I returned one I bought online - I sized down but was still way too big. Should've tried the petite. As you pointed out, I also found snags on lots silk camis that bother me.

Anyway, I got the watercolor skirt, sized down as well. Contrary to many JCAs, I think it's perfect for garden party style outings.

JTS May 17, 2009 at 9:47 PM  

@Anon - These are on sale now! I am a 36B, too, but ordered this in a size 0/P2 - I think their sizing is really weird lately.

@GingerSnap - I was just able to pick this up in the gladiola print, but just took what I could get and will have it tailored - did you pick up any on the reduced price + percent off?

@Dina - I'm glad you were able to decipher J.Crew's sizing! Don't you love the gladiola print!?

@JJC - Did you ever go back and try the petite? The snags were disappointing - I kept putting ones back to try to find one w/o any snags, but couldn't find any. :( And I agree - I LOVE the watercolor skirt, I don't know what the dislike was all about.