Tuesday, April 14, 2009

J.Crew: Cotton Sateen Gateau Skirt Review

J.Crew's Cotton Sateen Gateau Skirt (item #13464) originally retailed for $88, and is currently on sale for $69.50. J.Crew describes the skirt as such:

A sweet confection in cotton sateen. This feminine skirt features pleated tiers and inverted pleats around the waist, creating a flirty bell shape. Sits at waist. Side zip. 20" long. Import. Dry clean.
It comes in four colors online: light chartreuse, champagne, light pewter, and fresh orange.

When I tried this skirt on in-store, it was also available in a coral-y read color, which seemed to be a match to the cerise color that some items were available in this season.

I really love this skirt. I think that the inverted pleats and the tiers create a really nice, feminine shape. The fabric is very smooth, but I don't think it's as shiny as some of the J.Crew pictures make it seem. I found that it fits true to size, although I think there was definitely room to size down, especially if you want it to be a little shorter.

Even though the skirt is a little voluminous and is an A-line shape, I don't really think it creates extra volume in the bottom, and especially not in the back, which is nice. I think it creates a pretty, bell shape, just like the description says.

I also like the length of the skirt. It comes just to or below my knees (can't remember exactly), so it's long enough without being too long. Because the fabric is nice and light, you don't have to worry about the skirt weighing you down either.

I think this skirt would be easy to dress up or down, and could go with a lot of different tops. I picked this skirt up in light pewter, champagne, and this coral-y red color, and I love all of them!

What do you think? Do you own this skirt? What do you think of the pleats with the tiers?


Anonymous April 15, 2009 at 1:32 AM  

The gateau was one of my early favorites from the Spring Lookbook, too. I almost ditched it off my shopping list following a few initial bad reviews (Gigi, are you out there? ;>). To be fair, when I first saw racks of this skirt bunched up and wrinkled at my store, I too thought it was hideous.

You really need to try this skirt on in different sizes to see if it works for you. There is quite a bit of volume, and pleating, and tiering, so the fabric will hang differently on every body. While I concur it runs a size loose in the waist, I wouldn't automatically recommend sizing down. You might end up with a rounder romp instead. I do think this skirt looks most elegant when it hangs in its intended a-line knee-length silhouette.

So, I got the pewter from the store and the orange from online. The OJ is going back, the color is too Crayola for me. I'm really admiring the coral you have on and am interested in the chartreuse too, but my store had neither as of a few weeks ago. It was just the pewter, champagne, and tea rose. Maybe it's time to check back?

BWT, any tips on how to keep the pleats fresh? I'm worried that if the pleats go, this cake is going to get sloppy fast.


JTS April 18, 2009 at 9:44 PM  

@LL - I take forever to open my packages, so I had this one sitting in my house and read some unflattering reviews, and then I got worried. I agree you really really need to try it on yourself to see how it looks for you, especially for the size (as you've mentioned). I love the A-line, knee-length silhouette the best!

I'm not sure where you live, but there were some of this corally-red color in Braintree, MA (and I think Natick, MA as well) last week. Maybe it is the same as tea rose? I didn't see any tea rose ones in my stores!

As for keeping the pleats fresh, I think a steamer would be the best. Maybe a little starch + steamer. I agree - if you don't take care of the pleats, it will definitely look sloppy!